SP Event Manager - Approval Process

This post will address the event approval process for the SharePoint Event Manager. The approval process consists of 4 event states; all of which are managed through the Event View Page.

Note: for email notifications, the FromEmail setting needs to be configured in the Settings list. See the Lists and Libraries post for more information.

Draft Events

All new events, along with events that are currently being drafted, are assigned the status of Draft. Draft events and their sub events can be edited or modified without restriction, by anyone with contribute permissions on the app web.

Pending Approval

When a Draft event is saved and at least one approver has been selected, the event can be submitted for approval via the Event View Page. This submission will then put the event in Pending Approval status and notify the approvers via email.

When in Pending Approval status, the event and all sub events are locked for editing. Only attendance can be edited in this status (version only).


If any one of the approvers is satisfied with the event and believes it is ready for publication, they can approve it in the Event View Page, setting its status to Published.

When in Published status, the event and all sub events are locked for editing. 

Only attendance can be edited in this status, and once approved, the author is notified via email (version only).


If any one of the approvers is not satisfied with the event, and believes it requires changes before publication, they can reject the event. Once rejected, the event and all sub events become editable again, and once edited the event will revert to Draft status.

In order to inform the author as to why the event has been rejected, approvers are prompted to leave a message, which is then sent to the author via email, and presented in a notification box at the top of the Event View Page (version only).