SP Event Manager - Create a New Event

The New Event Form consists of 4 steps:

Step 1 - General Event Information

The first page of the form contains general information about your event. The Title, Event Start and Event End fields are mandatory, but to ensure data quality, I recommend filling in all fields. The date pickers are organised in such a way as to prevent the user from picking an end date prior to the start date. No other fields are validated on this form to ensure flexibility.

The people-picker fields on the form operate on a typeahead system, meaning if you start typing the name of someone within your organisation, the fields will allow you to choose the correct person. The additional participants and approvers fields both allow multiple selections. While there may be multiple people selected in the approver field, only one of them is required to approve the event.

Attendees (version only)

Attendees can be added in 3 different ways:

  1. Via the participants field. Anyone added as a non-leading participant will automatically be added as an attendee
  2. Via the new attendee form (click the associated button to add a new attendee)
  3. Via the type and pick field, which will search existing attendees (those saved in either the current event or previous events)

Step 2 - Detailed Event Information

The second page of the form gives the user the chance to provide in-depth information about their event. The fields include stakeholders, purpose, agenda, deliverables and schedule.

The stakeholders field functions as a keyword tagging system, with typeahead support. Keywords can be selected by typing and choosing an appropriate option. New keywords can be added by typing the name in the box and hitting enter. All keywords are saved, making them accessible for all subsequent events.

All the other fields on the page support full HTML content, increasing readability on the summary page.

Step 3 - Host and Venue Information

The third and final step in the event form allows you to provide information about the host and venue of the event. These fields are designed to house short and concise information, and therefore do not support full HTML editing.

Step 4 - Confirmation

This is the final screen of the event form. From here, you can navigate back and forth in the form using the buttons, or if you're happy with your event, it can be saved as draft using the Save Event button.

Note that due to the lack of validation on most of the form, events can be saved as draft even if they are unfinished. This way, users can save their progress and return to their events later.

Next Step - Event Summary View