SP Event Manager - Event Calendar View

The Event Calendar View shows published event information in a calendar format. By default, the calendar will only show parent events, but if the View on Calendar button is clicked on the event summary page, the selected event and all its sub events will be shown.

There are 3 different views for the calendar (Day, Week, Month), and 2 pre-set filters (My Events and All Events). By default, the calendar will load a monthly view of the My Events filter (i.e. events which the user is involved as a participant).

When viewing the calendar via an event, the calendar will show the day view on the start day of the event, with sub events:

The parent event is always shown in blue, followed by sub events in green. From here, you can switch to a weekly or monthly view if desired.

Clicking on an empty space on the monthly calendar view will take you to a new event form, with the start date pre-filled with the date clicked.