SP Event Manager - Event Summary View

When you save a new event, or view an existing event, you will be presented with the event summary screen.

This screen organises your event data in an orderly and easy to read manner. Providing all the participants of your event full visibility of the event and everything it entails.

From this screen, a number of actions can be performed.

  1. Edit the Event - The event can be edited, which will return you to the event form. This is only possible when the event is in either Draft or Rejected status.
  2. Submit for Approval - If the event is in Draft status, the event can be submitted for approval. This is only possible if you have selected approvers for the event, otherwise you will be presented with an error message to that effect.
  3. Approval Actions - Once submitted for approval, if you are marked as an approver for the event, you can either approve or reject the event. You can also leave a rejection message for the author, so he/she knows why the event was rejected (version only).
  4. Unlock for Editing - If the event is published, and you are marked as an approver, you can unlock the event for editing. This effectively resets the event into Draft status, allowing it to be edited.
  5. View on Calendar - This button will load the calendar view, and present only the current event and it's sub events.
  6. Remove Event - If the event is in Draft status, you can opt to delete it. Nothing is truly deleted in this system however, and deleted events can be restored in the SharePoint list UI by changing their status from Deleted back to Draft.
  7. Email Lead Participant - By clicking the lead participant badge, you have the option to contact them via email.
  8. Add Sub Events - Sub events can also be created from this screen. Clicking the Add Sub Event button will take you to a new event form, however when saved, this event will become a sub event of your event.
  9. Mark attendance for attendees (version only).

Sub Events:

While viewing a sub event, you cannot perform any approval actions, and sub events cannot be edited if their parent is not in Draft status.

When creating a sub event, it is advisable to make sure its date range is within the date range of its parent. This is not restricted, but will improve the user experience on the calendar.

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