A responsive horoscope randomiser that pulls in your daily horoscope from one of many online sources, and displays it against a stunning image from the National Geographic photography awards.

Your daily horoscope has never looked this good.


****Coming Soon****

Shubi is an online eLearning platform for martial arts, featuring video content recorded in the Dojo.

With Shubi, you can view content from any martial art in the repository, studying grading techniques, brushing up on that move you're struggling with, or just getting a feel for an art you're thinking of picking up.

Sleek & responsive event management


This add-in snaps instantly into existing 2013/O365 SharePoint environments, allowing organisations to effectively manage their upcoming events and engagements.

It is fully responsive and mobile friendly, featuring full event creation, management, reporting and searching capabilities, including a custom event calendar.

This add-in is open source, and is now available free on the SharePoint App Store! You can also grab the code from Bitbucket.

The documentation and usage guide for this add-in can be found on my blog.



Intelligent staff development tracking


This system was designed for a high profile automotive client (through Sysdoc Group) wishing to track the progress of their staff against pre-defined training criteria.

It allows for real-time tracking of staff members, with feedback and dashboarding capabilities for trainers.



Feature-rich, modular environmental management


This system was built for another key automotive client (also through Sysdoc Group), in order to assist them in the management of their environmental impact.

The implementation is modular, and contains everything from progress & goal tracking to audit and communication management.